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Washable Heating Mat
Washable Heating Mat

Washable Heating Mat


Rated Volta ge:110-240 V
Rated Frequency:50/60Hz
Rated Power:75W


Description of products
Electric heating pad for indoor use.
Especially developed for use
at home (for you, your pets, leisure, hobby), or at work.
Low power usage.
Heating time approx. 15 minutes.
The surface material :PP (polypropylene fiber),
Inner heating
Element material
Aludirome heating wire .

The Packing Details
Unit size:60X40X1.0 cm
QTY: 20 pcs
N.W/ G.W: 16/16.5kgs
M EAS: 61.5X41.5 X 30cm

Never cover to prevent overheating!
Do not bend! Indoor use only!!
i Avoid All contact with water or exposure
i to condensation!
! Do not wash, clean with a dry brush only!
Unplug while cleaning!
i Do not staple or nail to the ground!
i Do not put into water or step on with wet feet!





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